This week’s #WednesdayWisdom comes from Dr. Gio Valiante on a Podcast interview (will share podcast link in comments) paired with some of my own thoughts:


When Nike started to reward runners with contracts and incentives…the speeds went down. The runners stopped running for the love of the craft but instead ran for the incentive. Incentives are demotivating.

Many professional athletes start out playing because it’s fun. Eventually…they’re playing for the money. When you only do a thing for the outcome you lose the love of the craft.

Most people have a pure mechanical work ethic. I’m not winning? I’m not doing as well as I did last year? I’ll work harder. I’ll put in more hours. I’ll outwork everyone else to win. Well, what happens when everyone else is also out there working hardthey’re all persistent, they’re all putting in the extra time and effort….then where is our advantage?

Our advantage is our ability to spend as much time as possible in a flow state, “in the zone.”

So….what does being ‘in the zone’ mean to us? How do we find the thing that put us in a flow state? Dr. Valiante shares some tips to help find this:

What do I do where I lose complete track of time and I am filled with feelings of elation, effortlessness, excitement, and a flow state? Find this and spend as much time as possible doing it!

Lastly, he shared three key variables for success – which I loved!

Be optimistic. Be kind. In times when there’s no reason to be grateful, say “Thank you.”

Highly recommend listening to the whole thing (and part 1).

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