First Time Homebuyer Programs

We are experts when it comes to loan programs for first time home buyers.

Owning a home opens doors to personal, financial, and family freedom. The decision to buy a home, however, can be pretty stressful. We understand! We promise to use plain terms to explain everything: no special terminology, no confusing terms.

There are only three simple steps to determining your eligibility: Credit Analysis, Document Review, Loan Program Determination. These steps can all be completed using your phone in as little as a few hours!

First Time Home Buyer Defined

The Federal Government defines a first time home buyer as a person who hasn’t owned a home within the last 3-years, or ever.

Low or No Down Payment Options

There are first time home buyer programs offered through the Ohio Housing Finance Agency that provide assistance with down payment or the benefit of a lower than market interest rate.

The US Department of Agriculture also offers a Single Family Housing Loan that is $0 down, 30-year fixed rate mortgage to individuals who don’t currently own a home.

Our goal is to educate! The majority of the clients we help are first time home buyers. We would love the opportunity to help you with your first home purchase.

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