Get Pre-Approved

Keeping it simple, what you need to press GO!!

What you need:

  1. Your basic details – name, address, birth date and #SS.
  2. Details about your employer – name, income or fixed income.
  3. Information on assets – bank name(s) and estimated balance(s).
  4. Interested property address, price, etc. – skip what doesn’t apply or input TBD (to be determined).

NEXT: Press Let’s Go Get Pre-Approved to learn how much you can afford, interest rate and if a down payment is needed.

Fairway Now App Mobile Screens

What to expect after submitting application?

A review of your credit score.
A request for paperwork – pay stubs, bank statements, W-2’s and taxes.
Confirm how much you qualify for, how much you need down and options available for you!!

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Or call / text 330-337-3260.