Manufactured Homes

Financed using FHA, VA, or Conventional Loan

Manufactured homes are constructed in a manufacturing facility according to HUD guidelines. They are titled like a vehicle until placed on permanent foundation, at which point the title is surrendered to the State and the unit is converted to Real Estate. A manufactured homes has a steel beam going through the center of the unit where wheels, axles & hitch were attached (the hitch, wheels, and axles must be removed for mortgage financing). Can be financed under the following conditions:

  • Constructed after 1978
  • Taxed as real estate by Auditor (MH as real estate)
  • Interior HUD label – confirms year, make, model, manufacturer and serial number of unit.
  • Exterior HUD labels – provide HUD serial numbers
  • Structural Certification – licensed structural engineer to confirm unit attached to permanent foundation according to code
  • Must not have been previously installed or occupied at any other site or location, except from the manufacturer or dealer’s lot as a new unit

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