This week’s Wednesday Wisdom is based on the DarrenDaily email on March 31st:

Push yourself! What matters is the slope of your current growth curve. How steep is your current curve? Has it leveled off? Are you pushing your own boundaries and stretching your comfort zone? Your future is about where you’re going, not where you are now. If you’re not growing aggressively, you are decaying rapidly. You can be overtaken, much faster, with less notice than any other time in history.

Steepen your growth curve in each area – health, marriage, family, business, spiritual, etc. Don’t slip into a fixed mindset! BUT, don’t make it complicated – keep it easy:

Here are some challenges – pick something and do it every day for a month:

Get up before 5am everyday
Go to bed before 9 or 9:30 everyday
Read 10 pages of a good book everyday
Meditate for 5 or 20-minutes everyday
Do 30-mins of exercise everyday
Run everyday
Say hello to a stranger everyday
Compliment a stranger everyday
No email until 11am everyday
No internet after 6pm everyday
Write 1,000 words everyday
Send a thank you card everyday
Play 20-minutes of an instrument everyday
Spend 10-minutes learning a new language everyday
Write down 3 things you’re grateful for everyday
Have no distractions during meals everyday
Make 5 calls to ask for a referral everyday
No alcohol
No Caffeine
No sugar
No Netflix
No bread
No complaining
No social media
No news
No gossiping

PICK SOMETHING in every area of your life to steepen your growth curve and then TRACK it.

It’s not about where you are now, it’s where you’re growing from here.