Afternoon my friends! This week’s #WednesdayWisdom is a comparison between Amateurs and Professionals. Striving to be a professional every day!
Amateurs set goals. Professionals have systems.
Amateurs gain validation from the scoreboard. Professionals from the process.
Amateurs never Gain confidence from within. Professionals gain confidence without evidence.
Amateurs don’t understand the difference between coaching and criticism. Professionals do.
Amateurs are quickly satisfied. Professionals always ask what is next?
Amateurs hate practice. They want to have fun. Professionals embrace the work.
Amateurs want more will power. Professionals have default behaviors.(aka habits)
Amateurs make decisions for the current moment, don’t care about tomorrow. Professionals have sustainable values when it comes to decision making skills, always asking is this the right choice even if I am not here?
Amateurs never share their knowledge. Professionals want to spread their wisdom.
Amateurs allow their ego to rule the day. Professionals are egoless.
Amateurs love to play the blame game. Professionals love accountability.
Amateurs react to the noise from the outside. Professional never hear noise.
Amateurs love the attention, say yes to everything. Professionals understand how to say no.
Amateurs want to be liked. Professionals want to be respected.
Amateurs believe in luck. Professionals believe in hard work.
Amateurs celebrate wins. Professionals understand the wins.
Amateurs downplay the losses. Professionals embrace defeat as a learning tool.
Amateurs can only see the obvious. Professionals find the non-obvious.