Happy Wednesday! You know what that means – time for #WednesdayWisdom. This week comes from a Coach John Wooden quote that says “Don’t count the days, make the day count.”

Coach says:

“Worry” is fretting about the future.

“Concern” is figuring out future solutions.

When you are “concerned,” you’re going to analyze and determine where and how to improve.

If you are “worried,” you’re just fretting that things won’t turn out right regardless of what you do – wringing your hands and imagining bad things.

“Concern” leads to results; “Worry” results in losing a good nights sleep.”

Coach concludes by saying: “I lost very little sleep fretting; I didn’t mind losing sleep figuring out solutions.”

This makes me feel a little bit better about my tendency to stay up later than usual working my way through the concern I have over a Loan Problem!

Pleasant dreams! Here’s hoping we can stay in the solutions department and make the day count!