In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom we talk about negative emotions and how they can follow a similar path to droplets of water – and how blessings can keep us off the path of irritation.

Path of Water:” Single(1) droplets will eventually combine to becomes a (2) puddle. If you continue to add droplets the puddle becomes a (3) stream. If you continue to add droplets, the stream becomes (4) a river. If you continue to add droplets, the river will flow into a (5) ocean.

Path of Irritation:” (1) Irritation, if carried too long becomes (2) frustration. The more irritation you add, frustration becomes (3) resentment. If you harbor enough resentment for long enough, it becomes (4) anger. If anger is not addressed, it will eventually become (5) bitterness.

 If not controlled, we will find ourselves in the river of anger which ultimately turns into bitterness.

The “Path of Blessings” is the key to taking control:  If you count your (1) blessings, those blessings become (2) gratitude. If you add more blessings, gratitude it will become (3) goodness. Seeing the good in other people will lead you to be so thankful that you will (4) praise the Infinite Intelligence. The Combination of all of these leads to (5) JOY.

Each number on the Path of Blessings will offset the numbers on the Path of Irritation:

Counting your blessings will offset irritation.
Gratitude offsets frustration and irritation.
Goodness [Seeing the good in people] offsets resentment, frustration, and irritation.
Praising the Infinite Intelligence turns into an ocean of JOY which floods out of you to everyone around you.

If you stay on the Path of Blessings there will be no room for frustration or irritation.

In closing –  Make amends quickly.  If an issue, handle it.  If it comes to mind that it should be handled, handle it.  If it is not handled quickly it’s easy to fall into the path of irritation. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry. (Handle it!)