This week’s Wednesday Wisdom comes from Kevin Paul Scott’s blog and talks about Intensity and Consistency.

Have you ever tried to get in shape?

I wish I could eat really healthy for a couple of days and magically drop inches off my waist. Or lift weights for several hours straight one day and actually pack on muscle.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Doing something really intensely for a short period of time doesn’t produce sustained results. Instead, we need consistency over a long period of time to truly transform our health.

The same principle applies in many areas of life, and it definitely applies to building leaders and high-performance cultures.

You can’t host a one day offsite and expect to develop high level leaders.
You can’t have one fun event and think your culture will be positive.
You can’t only create big moments and fully build trust on a team.

Said another way: You can’t compensate for a lack of consistency with a burst of intensity. 

Consistency is doing the small things daily.
Consistency is not just saying you care but showing you care.
Consistency is creating an environment where individuals are encouraged to be their best.
Consistency is a culture where people hold each other accountable.
Consistency matters.

Most leaders focus on intensity, but the greatest leaders focus on consistency.  

Intensity is valuable. There are times we need grand gestures and exciting moments. Culture is created in the mundane, consistent experiences.

Here’s my challenge: Think about the consistent habits and practices that you need to put into place, to ensure an environment, where leaders are developed, and people are highly engaged?

Once you’ve identified them, start doing them and DON’T STOP.

It’s not glamorous, but it’s consistent. And consistency will matter most.