Good afternoon!


This week’s #WednesdayWisdom comes from Yung Pueblo’s On Slow Movement, and has to do with perfection. We expect it. We crave it. We wish to see it in our lives and our relationships. This idea….perfection…isn’t reality.


Reality is ever-changing. It is transformation combined with unpredictability.


Perfection is the opposite. It’s a constant desire for control, always trying to keep things within the boundaries of a mental image we’ve created.


Reality is a flowing river.


Perfection is a static painting.


Perfection has a sneaky way of warping our perception of great things so that they seem less than they really are, and it makes small problem seem unnecessarily large.


How do we tackle perfection?


Have the humility to question our perceptions.


Learn to tolerate the right imperfections – perfection is a mirage.


Finally – know this:


You can be wildly successful living an imperfect life.