Good morning!
This week’s #WednesdayWisdom is from a Darren Daily shared yesterday about procrastination – if you can make time to watch it today or tomorrow you’ll still be able to catch the video (they go away after 72-hours).
Procrastination is the priority of short-term mood repair over longer term pursuit of intended actions. It has nothing to do with work ethic, character, purpose, goals or whether we have a compelling why or not.
It’s not just avoiding a task; it’s avoiding ourselves and the deeper underlying feelings we have relating to the task.
When we prioritize satiating our mood rather than attacking the work, this is procrastination.
One of the biggest problems with procrastination is….when we go to work on those feelings and feel like we’ve addressed them – we feel a false sense of accomplishment. That false sense of accomplishment leads us to believe we are being rewarded for procrastination, but don’t be fooled! When you actually get back to the task at hand…all those feelings we thought we addressed pop right back up – they’re still there! Not only did our procrastinating not work…now there’s more pressure to get the task done because we procrastinated. Worst of all, because there is a perception of being rewarded for procrastination, it ends up not being just a one-off thing….it becomes a habit.
The big take away? Procrastination isn’t so much about management of time as much as management of emotions relating to the task at hand. It’s an emotional issue. It’s a self-management issue.
In today’s Darren Daily he talks about how to escape the procrastination trap and shares 3 ways to manage your emotions:
(1) Forgive your past procrastinations then take a deep breath and ask yourself “Now what?”
(2) Take one tiny action that will take less than 3-minutes to accomplish. Starting is the hardest part. Breaking the initial inertia is the hardest part. Once you are in motion, motion will continue. Motivation and momentum will follow action. Just start…3-minutes only.
(3) Make the good easy & make the bad hard. Make what you want to do, need to do, should do, easy. Chunk it down to bite-size, easy wins. Make the temptations hard. Make the things that want to derail you hard.
Today’s the day – take action!