This week’s Wednesday Wisdom comes from the Daily Coach blog who shares a blog post by Sherri Coale:

During her illustrious 25-year career as Oklahoma women’s basketball coach, Sherri Coale imparted countless lessons on her players. Now, the Hall-of-Famer is sharing her wisdom on her blog,

Coale recognizes the importance of small steps over giant leaps. She knows the concept of consistent action seems basic, but is actually difficult. Small steps are essential  to creating lasting change within our teams and in our own lives.

Only by consistently following through on daily habits can we create a sustained pattern of behavior that becomes the standard for those we lead.

Through these little gains, we limit our pre-occupation with the scoreboard, or earnings, or anything in the distance.

In our leadership journeys, we must always be the tortoise in the race, determined, unwavering, committed, and most of all, consistent.

No one understands this better than Coale, who followed the ladder’s steps to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. For her, it really was always about one day. One day to take one step forward. One day to not overstep. One day to show progress.

It’s a simple formula, one we’re all aware of, but one that we tend to gloss over.

Let this ladder serve as a reminder that no matter our present challenges, no matter how hopeless our situation may seem, we need to continue stepping.

One day at a time.