This week’s #WednesdayWisdom contains a re-writing of the Breakfast with Fred blog email sent out yesterday in my own words:


Often people live their lives on repeat. They eat in the same places; they perform the same activities; and they follow the same routines.


They are like a man who wanted to own a guitar his whole life and, when he finally got one, strummed away on just one note. Day after day he strummed the same note. Finally, those around him couldn’t stand it any longer and asked, “Why in the world don’t you learn another note.” With amazement he answered, “Other guitarists run their hand up and down the fret board playing different notes and chords because they are hunting for something, but I’ve already found it!”

Yes, there is comfort in repetition, there is certainty of what’s to come, and there is safety in playing the same note. But there is also restriction. There is no room to grow. There is stagnation.

All certainty is unsafe. Guess what? You’re not safe. You never will be. No one is. If you put safety and repetition above everything else…you actually put yourself in danger.


Don’t worry about whether things will be hard…because they will be. Welcome hard as a key element of learning, growing, and of living an amazing life.


Dive headfirst into uncertainty, difficulty, and challenges with joy in your heart – knowing that these things are unavoidable.


Choose to play the other notes – even if it’s uncomfortable and they don’t sound great in the beginning.