This week’s Wednesday Wisdom comes from Seth Godin’s email blog paired with some of my own thoughts. It is called “The lifeguard hack.”

Who am I to walk up to someone at a party and introduce myself?

Who are you to start a new project?

Who are they to give a talk on the main stage?

Don’t raise your hand–someone else might have a better question. Don’t ship that work, it’s not ready…

There are endless excuses, comparisons and reasons to hold back.


Unless you’re on lifeguard duty and someone is drowning. In that situation, even if you’re not the best lifeguard in the world, and even if the water isn’t the perfect temperature, and even if you don’t quite remember how to do the latest version of the cross-chest carry… you jump in the water.

Because it’s not for you. It’s for them.

Generosity unlocks doors inside of us.

Next time you feel hesitation – remember that the goal is to serve. By serving you eliminate any feelings of doubt, hesitation, or stage-fright. When you serve you focus on the other person, not yourself. The highway of service leads to the city of happiness.