It’s time for this week’s #WednesdayWisdom! This week comes from Mr. Jim Rohn and will be Part 2 of a 2 part series:
We started off last week with a quote from Jim Rohn, “weed the garden of our mind garden of our mind.”
“Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. The harvest can either be flowers or weeds.” (William Wadsworth)
What are the weeds?
1. Indifference – drifting through life. A mild approach to life. There’s one thing about drift, you cannot drift to the top of the mountain. Pick a direction and go with it.
2. Indecision – mental paralysis. A life full of adventure is a life full of many decisions. The one turn that turns out to be wrong gives you experience to make better decisions. Don’t see how many decisions you can get out of, see how many you can get into – that’s where the adventure is!
3. Doubt – there are many doubts, but self-doubt is the worst. Don’t be a chronic excellent self-doubter. Turn over the coin and become a self-believer. The understanding of self-worth is the beginning of progress.
4. Worry – give it up. Who needs it. It’s not easy. Worrying is a down payment on a problem you may never have.
5. Over-caution – some people never will have much, they’re too cautious. A timid approach to life. Risk is a caution. ‘What if this happens?’ This is called the language of the poor. On top of that what if this happens? You’ll always talk yourself out of it. It’s ALL risky. The minute you were born it got risky. If you think trying is risky…wait till they give you the bill for not trying. Getting married is risky, having children is risky, investing in the market is risky, it’s all risky. I’ll tell you how risky life is: you’re not going to get out alive.
6. Pessimism – the deadly disease of always looking on the bad side: the problem side, the reason things will go wrong. A person who doesn’t look for what’s right they looks for what’s wrong. They doesn’t look for virtue they looks for faults, and when they finds them….they’re delighted. The guy who says ‘I’ve got 5 good reasons why it won’t work.’ He’s so dumb he doesn’t know that all he needs is ONE. He’s got five! Our lives are impacted by how we think things are more than how they actually arePoor thinking habits keeps most people poor – not poor working habits. Most people work hard. The mind is like a mental factory, whatever you think about pours ingredients into the mental factory and determines what it produces. Can you imagine dumping trash into a mental factory and coming out with a rich dynamic life? It can’t be done. Everything starts with thought. You must be wise and careful what you think about because that starts everything. What would happen if someone drops sugar in my coffee? You’d be fine. What if they dropped strychnine? You’d be dead. Life is both sugar and strychnine. You have to be careful. It doesn’t matter where you get the bad stuff or who hands it to you, it’ll still kill you. Every day stand guard at the door of your mind. You decide what goes into the door of your mental factory.
7. Complaining – (aka Murmuring) If you complain it’s because your heart is in the wrong place. Want to know how your heart is? Check your language.
The benefits of weeding the mind:
Evil is no match for good. Good Will always win…but good must be active to win. Weeds are no match for human activity but if you stand still how far will they come? ALL THE WAY. But if you get busy how far back can you take them? As far as you wish. They’re no match but you must be active.
Recognize the evil, handle it and deal with it and move on. Don’t neglect it. One of the words that destroys everything is called neglect. A week of neglect could cost you a year of repair.