There is a fable about the Sun and Wind having a contest to see who can get an old man to take his coat off first.

The wind starts off.  It gives a solid gust of wind, but the old man just pulls his coat tighter around him and holds it in place with his hand. Furious, the wind blows harder, as hard as it can, but the old man leans into the wind and buckles his coat securely around his body. Finally, the wind gives up.

Then the Sun comes out.  The Sun shines a steady warm light down on the old man, who soon takes his coat off.

The lesson? We will accomplish more this world by kindness and gentleness than by force.

When we find ourselves most frustrated, it is usually because we are trying to force things to happen.

A patient and steady desire to grow, fed by the love and kindness of others——will NOT be stopped by anything or anyone.

Gentleness can be a powerful force.