Hi friends!


This week’s #WednesdayWisdom was shared by Jake a few weeks ago on an Instagram reel – and again at our annual meeting.


In the garden of life, the people we meet can be categorized into three unique types: leaf people, branch people, and the invaluable root people.

🍂 First come the leaf people—those who breeze into our lives for just a season. Their presence is temporary, and relying on them might leave us longing for more substantial connections.

🌿 Then there are the branch people—seemingly stronger and more resilient. They might offer support and companionship through several seasons, yet their commitment wavers when storms hit, revealing their limitations in bearing life’s tougher weights.

🌱 But the real treasures are the root people. Unseen but ever-present, their strength lies not in visibility but in unwavering support and nourishment. Through every challenge, they remain, offering sustenance and stability, loving us for who we truly are.

💖 Who are the root people in your life? It’s time to recognize and cherish these irreplaceable souls. Share your stories of root people who’ve made a difference in your journey. Let’s celebrate those who help us grow, no matter what life throws our way.