This week’s Wednesday Wisdom is an excerpt from a Jim Rohn presentation in his “Living your Best Year Ever” workshop where he talks about the importance of the word UNTIL.

How long should a baby try to learn how to walk? How long would you give your average baby before you say….”enough is enough and give up?” Never! Any mother in the world say, “You’re crazy, my baby is going to keep trying’….what….’UNTIL they learn how to walk.’

Until is the most important word – promise yourself you will:

  1. Read the books until your skills change
  2. Go to seminars until you get a handle on it
  3. Listen to it until it makes sense
  4. Go for it until you understand it
  5. Practice it until you get the skill


Never give up UNTIL….however long that is.

Step by step, piece by piece, skill by skill, book by book, word by word, apple by apple, walk on treadmill and on the treadmill again…don’t miss the chance to grow – resolve to pay the price until you learn, think, grow, become.

Then you’ll discover life’s best treasures.

UNTIL – this kind of resolve means promising yourself you will never give up.