On Monday, Salesforce Chief Digital Evangelist Vala Afshar tweeted a photo of a man with an umbrella below the caption of a Paulo Coelho quote.

“If you only walk on sunny days, you will never reach your destination.”

We all experience “rainy days” — the ones where we just don’t have it, where we’re struggling to make progress, where ideas and motivation appear to be completely absent.

How do we push through the rainy day challenges? Get up, grab an umbrella, and start walking. Drink the extra cup (or two) of coffee, take a power nap, watch a motivational video –  get motivated.

Instead of looking out at the “rainy day” and seeing it as an obstacle…view each rain drop (each challenge) as an opportunity. Rainy days are a chance to push boundaries, to show grit, and distinguish ourselves from others.

When the rain drops start falling, many will elect to stay indoors.

Grab the umbrella and start walking.