It’s time for this week’s #WednesdayWisdom! This week comes from Mr. Jim Rohn and will be Part 1 of a 2 part series (Continued next week):
Mr. Rohn says we have to weed the garden of our mind garden of our mind.
If we don’t weed the garden while we stand in it, how far up will the weeds grow? ALL THE WAY!
If we weed the garden how far can we push the weeds back? As far as we want.
Negative thoughts – ruminating over what’s said or done – are examples of these weeds (we’ll go over all the examples next week).
If you find yourself wallowing in negativity – picture the negativity as weeds in your mind, overtaking your beautiful rose garden (insert whatever flower here) you don’t want that. Pull them out. Leave only the beautiful thoughts – the roses – and admire them.
Picture positive words on each flower petal. Draw the words yourself in your mind if you need to.
Weeding the garden of your mind keeps your in a positive mindset. It’s a lot easier to spot a weed and remove it when the garden is clear