This week’s Wednesday Wisdom comes from some of my own thoughts on negativity.

Negativity is natural. Negativity is like waste (animal waste, human waste, trash). Some pay to have their waste taken away….while others pay to have waste delivered to them so they can fertilize their crops – some hoard it while others can’t wait to get rid of it.


Negativity can be used as fertilizer. It can transform seeds in our mind into new thoughts and experiences. When used in this manner negativity goes away and, in its place, leaves something new and beautiful.


Negativity can be hoarded. We can smear it all over ourselves – on our face and our hair and our hands and our body. When we walk into a room, we reek of it. When we talk, we ooze it.

The next time you have a negative thought and hear yourself talking in a negative manner – ask yourself: What will you do with the negativity? Will you use it as fertilizer to create new and wonderful experiences and thoughts or will you smear it all over yourself?