Good morning my friends! After 2-weeks of travel, I’m back to do a #WednesdayWisdom again 😁 This week’s content comes from a Breakfast With Fred blog and has to do with Winning and Losing:
Winning is a national addiction. Preachers, athletes, businessmen must have visibility and success. Criminals who commit bold crimes and get national coverage garner publicity and get strangely recognized. We love winners and likewise we dislike losers. We regard losing as a contagious disease so we distance ourselves. Yet, there is a time to lose. You can be objective as you think about it. I sat down and jotted down for myself four reasons to lose:
  1. When winning costs my self-respect, it is better to lose. I think of self-respect as the little guy who lives deep down inside of me. When I wake up at 3:00 am I check with him. If it is thumbs up, I can go back to sleep. But if he won’t talk to me and doesn’t believe the excuses I give, I know I am in trouble. It is critical that I stay in the clear with the little guy.
  2. If winning costs me my health that is too much. I have seen too many men who stayed on jobs that have killed them, but their pride kept them in the job. No job, no success is worth that price. I made the decision in advance I would not pay it.
  3. No amount of success is worth my family… they are more valuable than any other success. I frequently hear older men tell me they sacrificed their families for their business achievement. They wanted success more than happy families. The loss of family was one of the payments they paid to purchase personal success.
  4. Success is too costly when it severs my relation with the Infinite Intelligence. This life is not the game – this life is the practice for the game that is to come. He owns the stadium and I would like to play on His team… forever. If I have to choose between my Faith and my success, I choose my Faith.
As Mr. Jim Rohn would say, “The price of winning can be greater than the pain of losing.” Happy almost 4th of July!