This week’s Wednesday Wisdom comes from Robert Frost, who said “Never cut what you can untie.”

Have you ever got a knot in your shoelaces that it was so tight and bound up that you only had two choices…cut or work it out in order to loosen it up?

Relationships can often be the same.

Sometimes you just have to be patient and work that knot loose to untie it in order to lace it back up better and stronger than before. Don’t cut what you can untie because when you do make that incision it makes it harder to mend it back together and when it does get reattached it’s not nearly as strong as it would have been had you just taken the time to figure out how to get the knot out in the first place.

Don’t sever a relationship that’s not meant to be permanently cut off over squabbles and misunderstandings.

Work through the trials.